Radiographic Testing Level I & II


Radiographic Testing Level I and Level II (RT)

Radiographic Testing Level I & II Course Description:
This Course covers the body of knowledge for Radiographic Inspection. It introduces radiation fundamentals and theory before delving into more specific topics such as artifacts, dark rooms, exposure techniques, film processing, specialized equipment. It encompasses the nomenclature, terminology, equipment and inspection performance requirements.

Course Objectives:
• Understanding the risks and hazards of radiation and the proper use of controls (PPE, Administrative, etc.).
• Understanding radiation theory and the proper use of isotopic sources.
• Knowledge of the equipment and regulations regarding proper use and storage (Exposure Devices, Film, IQIs, Wafers, etc.).
• Understanding the types of exposures and their proper application during inspections.
• Perform Radiographic Calculations including, but not limited to radiographic exposure, emissivity, half-life, half-value layer.
• Knowledge of specialized equipment and applications (Fluoroscopes, Image Intensifiers, etc.).
• Acceptance Criteria, Codes, Evaluation, and Reporting.