Ultrasonic Testing Level I & II



Ultrasonic Testing Level I and Level II (UT)

Ultrasonic Testing Level I &  II Course Description:
This Course covers the body of knowledge for Ultrasonic Inspection.  It introduces the basic principles and fundamentals of Ultrasound and wave propagation. From digital thickness, straight beam and angle beam inspection, it encompasses the nomenclature, terminology, equipment and inspection performance requirements.

Course Objectives:
• Understanding the theory of sound and wave propagation.
• Understanding the different types of transducers and their limitations.
• Knowledge of the equipment and its basic controls. (Thickness Gauges, Straight Bream and Angle Beam Flaw Detectors)
• Knowledge and Understanding the sequence of steps when performing inspections including calibration.
• Thickness readings with and without coatings, sizing indications using straight beam and angle beam inspection.
• Contact, Immersion and Through Transmission.
• Acceptance Criteria, Evaluation, and Reporting.